The Bandages

    Reports are inconsistent as to whether the mummy was still wrapped in bandages (and to what extent) when it was discovered. Reports also vary regarding whether any of these bandages survived the unwrapping procedure. Weigall stated that some of the mummy's bandages had decayed and fallen off (GP, 137.) Davis implies that they still covered the mummy's body completely. He described the body as being "enclosed in mummy-cloth of fine texture," which had become "a very dark colour" (apparently through decay.) He stated that when he attempted to remove a section of the bandages, "it came off in a black mass, exposing the [mummy's] ribs." Davis continues, saying that "subsequently, the wrappings of the mummy were entirely removed." (ToQT, 2, 3). Ayrton reported only that the bandages had been damaged by moisture, and that they "crumbled to the touch," giving no information about how much of the mummy remained covered by the wrappings (ToQT, 9). J. L. Smith also records that the wrappings (along with the mummy's flesh) "crumbled into ashes" leaving nothing but "a pile of dust" (TTAA, 64). Maspero (NL, 294) and  G. E. Smith (RM, 51) note that the mummy had still been wrapped when discovered, and Aldred  claimed that at least some of the bandages were shipped to Cairo with the remains of the mummy (JEA 47 [1961], 57, n. 4.)

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